Before We Begin
Before the installation process can start, you will meet with a Whitetail Custom Curb representative, providing a written estimate. Once you review the project with our representative, they will layout all options available, including colour choices, stamps, and landscape curbing profiles that will give your home or business the best curb appeal. You can have custom concrete curbing for your garden, lawn, or even tree rings if you want to have a small garden around the trunk of a tree. Concrete edging is available in many versions, including slant styles. Ask one of our representatives about all of the options available to you for any area you would like a custom concrete curb bordering it.The Installation
When our crew arrives for installation, a crew member will use a spray paint that is environmentally-friendly to mark off where the landscape borders will be installed. They will then cut a smooth line using a sod cutter to allow the concrete curb to follow. Before the concrete curb can be extruded, a base made of sand will be installed then compacted to allow a sturdy base for laying the curb.

Extruding the Curb
After the sand base is laid and compacted, concrete to be used is mixed on the back of a Whitetail Custom Curb trailer. The curb process will begin once the mix is ready and placed into a wheelbarrow and brought over to where the curb will start. A crew member will shovel the mix from the wheelbarrow into the curb machine, where the machine’s plunging system will compact the mix into the profile the customer desires and extrudes the curb through the back of the machine.

Once all of the curb has been extruded from the machine, a release agent will be broadcasted over the curb, allowing the stamping process to begin. After stamping has been completed on your custom curb, cuts are placed at approximately every 3.5 ft, leaving enough space for expanding and contracting.

After the concrete has cured for at least 24 hours, the excess release agent is washed off. Next, an industrial seal and cure designed to be applied to new concrete is applied to the new curbing. To keep your curb looking new, resealing the concrete every couple of years is recommended.

Similar products can fool you, but all Whitetail Custom Curb concrete borders are only offered and installed by certified Whitetail Custom Curb operators.