Common Curbing Questions
We have compiled a list of questions that have been asked the most frequently. These questions have been listed, with their answers, for you to reference.

Yes, we do. For information on pricing and sizing, please call us directly.

It is difficult to tell you over the phone the price, as it would not be fair to you or us until we visit the site where you want the curbing installed. Once we have visited the site, we will offer you the best curbing option based on your budget. We will also discuss your options with you and help you make the final decision of not only price but style and design.

Landscape curbing is made from one continuous pour of concrete in the areas marked on-site.

Every estimate with Whitetail Custom Curb is free without any obligation. We work with our customers to make sure we meet both your needs or expectations.

Most residential projects are completed within two days.

This is a method of adding colour to concrete. While the concrete is being mixed, there is a formulated combination of colours that are added. Once the concrete is thoroughly mixed and dumped into the wheelbarrow, the concrete is now one consistent colour and is ready to be installed.

We offer a 1-year workmanship guarantee on all of our products.

This is a professionally installed product that includes all the required prep work.

The only limit is your imagination. Curbing is most commonly used to make a barrier between the garden and the lawn. It can also be used to trim the edge of a sidewalk or driveway, to retain gravel in parking areas or pea gravel in playgrounds. Curbing is also used, at times, to direct water traffic or as a tree well.

Our staff can do either. Residential curbing is generally mixed on-site by Whitetail Custom Curb staff. Commercial curbing can either be mixed on-site or use ready mix if site access allows. It would depend on the budget for commercial curbing.

When Whitetail Custom Curb installs your curbing, they include two coats of concrete sealer. The curbing should be pressure washed and re-sealed with a good quality concrete sealer every two years. Do it at the same time you do your driveway. This will keep you curbing in top condition.

Most people prefer installation in the mid-spring. However, Whitetail Custom Curb installs year-round. We have enough experience that we can even install in the winter, given the right conditions.

We recommend that you reseal your integral coloured concrete curbing every 1-2 years.