Whitetail Custom Curb has helped many businesses throughout Southern Ontario in various ways. We give them a better curb appeal and allow them to provide better service to their clients.

When you pay for a project to be installed at your home or place of business, you expect the workers to have a high proficiency in the service they provide and individual levels of quality and professionalism. We train our crew members to understand that landscape curbing is more than simply someone adding a curb to a yard or garden. However, Whitetail Custom Curb gives a complete border system that includes a finishing look that is very professional and will have the client continue to use the service and system for several years.

The final placement of the concrete is one of the areas most concerning. There are things to be considered if the border of a lawn butts up to a sidewalk or curb or is placed along a street.

What are the chances of a tripping hazard for someone on the sidewalk due to new concrete?

If curbing is shaved off at the sidewalk, a tripping hazard can happen. The alternative to avoiding this is to taper the curbing off softly.

Shaving off the curbing happens when a contractor has only been trained on a machine that spits out the concrete in a programmed shape when running. To accommodate a landscape and adjust the shape, the contractor must be highly-skilled in concrete and greatly aware of the landscape’s future use. This can be attained through study and experience.

Damage can happen to cars as they turn around is the landscape curbing is placed near a street curb. This will also leave the homeowner with an unpleasant mess that is an eyesore to everyone.

Our contractors are mindful of the elements surrounding where the curbing will be placed. This includes sidewalks, street curbs, patios, and driveway heights.