Whitetail Custom Curb offers expert lawn care services for maintaining your property. Our services are thorough and will keep your property clean and consistent throughout the year if needed. Here are a few of our services provided through the spring, summer, and fall.

Spring and fall cleanups

Whether you need to add mulch for the spring or have debris moved in the fall, Whitetail will offer seasonal cleanups when they are required. It is essential to have your property ready for the next season, which is why we are available to deal with any yard care you may have.

To get your residential lawn ready for the spring, our services include:

  • Re-seeding the damaged areas of the lawn.
  • Mowing the grass to keep the property clean.
  • Trimming trees and other plants in the area.

Fall services include protecting plants before the winter, gutter cleaning, or other waste on the ground or drainage systems.

Our professionals at Whitetail are trained to handle property maintenance tasks of all kinds. No matter what season it is, we will be there to help with your lawn maintenance.

Grass Cutting

With our affordable grass-cutting services, there is no need to worry about doing lawn care work yourself. Whitetail can provide you a thorough grass cutting at any time you might need it.

We won’t just cut the grass once and leave you with the rest to do. We understand that a healthy lawn requires constant attention and upkeep, and your busy schedule might make that impossible to do yourself. With our experts at Cruickshanks, we’ll make sure that the job is done to the highest possible quality every visit.

This constant yard care service may sound expensive, but we will develop a plan that stays within your budget without compromising quality. Let Whitetail manage your lawn today.

Garden Maintenance

If gardens are a significant aspect of your property, they can be stressful and time-consuming to maintain. Our trained professionals at Whitetail know how to keep a garden healthy, and our services can work to keep your garden in good shape.

If you want a healthy garden that stays well no matter what season it is, Whitetail Custom Vurb offers expert lawn services for maintaining your property. Contact our experts today at 519-755-2984.