At Whitetail Custom Curb, we have our own way of bringing you the best landscape curbing possible in the Brantford area. We even have a secret ingredient, our “pixie dust,” that will give your concrete landscape edging that little extra something to look amazing. Read on to learn the steps of our custom curbing process.

The first step in our concrete edging process is using our bed edger that make nice, flat landscaping borders to install the custom curb along the edge of your lawn or garden. This gives us the proper amount of space to run the curb machine and ensure that we give you the best looking curb possible.

Once a flat edge is made with the bed edger, we move onto our truck where we mix our concrete curbing on-site. When making a batch for our curb, we have many elements that go into the process. We add sand, Portland cement, the colour chosen by the client, fibre mesh and finally, our secret ingredient “pixie dust” that puts it all together and gives us our finished product.

As the sand is first poured in, we place a hose in the bucket to allow the sand to get wet and allow the rest of the ingredients to mix well with it. Once all of the ingredients are in, we spray the ingredients with a hose for the final round of mixing to ensure that the concrete reaches the right consistency. If the mix is too wet it will take forever to dry and if it’s dry it won’t stay together.

After the concrete is mixed, we pour it from the truck into a wheelbarrow. We have the curb machine set up at the starting point of where we want to start the installation process, includingthe wiring that is connected to the curb machine. We anchor the wiring at the starting point and once we start up the machine, we add the concrete from the wheelbarrow into the machine, edge out a continuous concrete border, and let the magic happen.

Once we have our smooth-edged curb installed, the customer can decide if they would like a roller or a stamp and which colour release they want for their custom installation. They can have the colour release for the roller or stamp match their house, tree rings, or flower beds if they would like. Our range of decorative concrete and curbing styles options is as vast as the clients wishes.

After we stamp the finished curb creations, blow off any excess sand or dirt that has accumulated and clean up our mess, and we leave the property looking clean, smooth and professionally done. With the customer being happy with what we’ve done, we stick to this process with each and every client, knowing that we put the customer’s needs first and giving them the best looking yard in the Brantford area.