Suppose you are a property owner who is frustrated over continually performing maintenance on your concrete landscape edging. In that case, Whitetail Custom Curb can take that frustration away without you putting in any of the manual labour.

Is concrete curbing the answer?
Have you ever had uneven lines along your flower bed? Have you had to sweep the dirt off your driveway because it keeps rolling down? Are you tired of using a shovel to cut away grass that keeps creeping into your garden bed? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Whitetail Custom Curb could liven up your landscape borders with customized concrete edging.

What is Concrete Curbing?
Concrete curbing is a permanent concrete border that is professionally installed, mostly a garden edge, to keep all materials in the garden in place with a permanent border. Highly customizable with many options in both pattern and colour, landscape edging is also very cost-efficient.

Whitetail Custom Curb installs permanent borders that give your property the best curb appeal and heighten your property value using integral coloured custom concrete to match nearly anything in your landscape designs.

Whether you are looking to hold drainage rocks around your pool, or want a concrete garden edge to keep your garden bordered off, Whitetail Custom Curb will help bring your decorative landscape dreams to life.

There are many issues with residential landscapes that can be dealt with by having concrete landscape curbing installed. Decorative concrete through landscape curbing can give your property the borders that extra spark to redirect water, tier a flower or garden bed, or give your driveway a beautiful border.

For more technical information, you can go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

With many curbing styles to choose from, at Whitetail Custom Curb, we want you to have the most professional looking continuous concrete throughout your residential curbing. Our crews are very knowledgeable about the curbing applications that do work and work well. Fully insured, our crew will not leave your property until you are fully satisfied with our work. If you are looking for giving your landscape that finishing touch, call us today for an estimate.