Clients are occasionally unsure about which colour to choose but would like to know what colours fade quicker than others.

Each of the colours is based on natural and synthetic iron oxides that are colour stable, which means that the base colour mixed into the concrete should not fade for the most part. However, nature’s elements can make colours such as orange and red look more washed out on the surface.

Having the proper sealant placed on the concrete will help seal in the colour and last for many years. Cleaning the concrete regularly will help keep the concrete looking fresh. It is recommended that concrete be cleaned and re-sealed every 2 to 5 years. The amount to type between cleaning and sealing depends on the surrounding elements. This can all be covered in a warranty that you can add to your landscape curbing before placement and installation.

We attempt to apply a curing and sealing combo the same day we install your curbing. However, there are sometimes where we wait, per the client’s request. If you are looking for more sheen to the concrete’s finish or a deeper colour, that can be applied two weeks after the installation.

So, while colours don’t initially fade, as they are mixed in a way that they shouldn’t, there are always natural elements that can impact the look of the concrete’s finish, including the colour. Just like how curtains in a window can get sun damage, your concrete curbing is susceptible to change from the natural elements that surround it without the proper maintenance. Make sure you cure and seal your concrete curbing regularly to keep both the sheen and the colour looking how you always desired.